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Maintaining Work-Life-Balance During Covid19

Updated: May 25, 2020

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, 88% of organizations have encouraged or required their workers to work from home, according to a Gartner survey.

People are overworked, stressed, and eager to get back to the office. Research suggestions that the Coronavirus pandemic has added an additional 3 hours to the work day and erased the little work-life-balance many families once enjoyed.

As a single mother with a toddler--I can definitely attest that this is my reality. Balancing e-learning, and PreK video Zooms, lunch-lady, nurse, facilities manager and everything else that comes with my day-to-day existence.

Do you feel that your workday has been extended? What are you doing to maintain your sanity during this time?

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4 comentários

Vastoria Parker
Vastoria Parker
27 de mai. de 2020

Great topic. I approach each day as if I'm headed to the office. After coffee. It's shower, get dressed and prepare my lunch. I then take a short 15 min drive (going nowhere) just to get in work mode. It works. I also take my breaks as if. I'm fortunate enough not to have any little ones to assist them in their daily operations with schools being closed. I commend you all that now takes on the task of SUPERWOMAN or SUPERMAN. Once my day is over and WINE:30 hits the clock. I then WOOOSAAAH!! It's all quite overwhelming but we're built to survive. We GOT THIS!!


I find myself to be more in control of my work-life balance. When I was in the office I stayed extended periods of time, would come home to relax and then login again. I find being at home I’m able to have more time for myself and end my regular work day at a more reasonable time and I’m not up working in the wee hours like I would usually do.


I have found that setting up my day as I would if I were going into the office helps me balance. I take work email off of my phone as well as work chat notifications to resist the urge to check. Giving myself a clear off time and sticking to it has helped tremendously. I also make sure to schedule personal time for myself the same way I would a work call or meeting. Hang in there, it gets better.


Yes, I feel that at the end of regular work day , my days are always extended because I’m solely running my personal business on the side. Throughout the day I take my normal work breaks but some days as soon as my shift ends I am working on new projects I have lined up. I find myself sometimes overwhelm, so when I feel like this I just shut everything downand take a mental break! Resting my mind as well as my body.

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