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About Taylor’s Toolbox

Taylor’s Toolbox is a 501(c)(3) community-based nonprofit that provides resourceful information to Cook, Lake County, and other surrounding counties of Illinois for areas such as Personal Finance, Housing, Career Development, and Health.  The goal of Taylor's Toolbox is to meet each participant where they are in life and provide a customized road-map to increase success factors.  The organization’s main focus is to provide hands-on help and consultation, thus creating a programmatic model that consists of awareness, access, and training. 



Taylor’s Toolbox Program Model

Taylor’s Toolbox programmatic model consists of:


   1. Directly providing services.


   2. Collaborating with external partners to provide services.


   3. Referring clientele directly to a service provider for direct assistance.


By collaborating with external community-based nonprofits and corporations, Taylor’s Toolbox has been able to bridge some of the gaps within underserved communities.

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