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FOUNDER & CEO - Angenetta L. Frison

Taylor’s Toolbox was founded by Angenetta L. Frison, who spent years investing her time and efforts into various communities within Illinois.  She was inspired to create Taylor’s Toolbox in 2016 after the birth of her daughter, "Taylor," based on her love for people, value of family, and passion to give back, especially to communities that are historically underserved.


She has had the opportunity to witness first hand some of the disparities that existed within certain communities.  The foundation for the organization was laid in 2017 with an online access and in person training programming structure.


In the same manner that she was able to secure $2.6 million in cost savings by streamlining operational processes within her role at Grainger, Angenetta envisioned a streamlined systematic community-based organization that would provide the core resources that most communities are struggling to provide.


Her ultimate vision for Taylor’s Toolbox is for it to provide large scale awareness, access, and training within the areas of personal finance, housing, career development, and health.


 Thank you for supporting Taylor's Toolbox.





"I believe in empowering people by connecting them to the resources they need." 

FOUNDER & CEO - Angenetta L. Frison

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