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Taylor’s Toolbox utilizes several resources to sustain its operations while it continuously accomplish the organization’s mission. 

Financial and Donation

Online Donation

Online financial donations can be made by using a credit card or PayPal.

Marketing Exposure

Taylor’s Toolbox works with other community-based nonprofits and for profit businesses in order to create awareness for its services.  Taylor’s Toolbox also offers entities such as staffing agency, education sectors, and health sectors a unique marketing channel. 


Taylor’s Toolbox is able to create marketing exposure by providing its own clientele with information on job postings, free health screenings, and opportunities offered by universities or education partners for advancement in education.  Through this exchange of resources, both Taylor’s Toolbox and its partners ensure services are reaching the underserved population that needs help.

Supply Donation

Taylor’s Toolbox ensures that it is able to continuously provide awareness, access, and training for valuable resources by welcoming in-kind donations.  In-kind donations consist of items such as:


  1. Writing Tools – Pens and Pencils.


   2. Printing Paper – Utilized for printing training manuals, career development assessments, and evaluations.


   3. Marketing Collateral – Utilized for branding during vendor events. Essentially, the more people that know about Taylor’s Toolbox, then the more people it can empower.  Marketing collateral includes: Pens for logo printing, tablecloth with logo, and banner signage.


   4. Office Supplies.




Become a Volunteer

Taylor’s Toolbox believes that we all have one thing in common.  We all have time.  It is imperative that we all take time to give back to others.  Taylor’s Toolbox provides volunteering opportunities.  Selected volunteers have the opportunity to:


  1. Assist during workshops and vendor events.


   2. Train as a Mentor.


   3. Assist in operational administration (Duties include, but not limited to: packaging manuals, following up with financial and in-kind donation requests, and organizing marketing content).

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